About Listforge

We specialize in the creation, management, and hosting of server lists for a wide range of popular games. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive platform for gamers to discover the best servers available for their favorite games, while offering server owners an effective way to showcase their servers and attract new players. As a dedicated service provider, we tailor each server list specifically for the game it represents, ensuring an optimized and user-friendly experience.

Under the Listforge® brand, we are proud to offer a multitude of game-specific server lists, featuring top-notch servers for games such as Minecraft, ARK: Survival Evolved, Rust, and many more. Our platform allows gamers to easily search, filter, and sort servers based on their preferences, including game mode, region, and player count, ensuring that they find the perfect match for their gaming needs.

Listforge® is a registered trademark, which belongs to Listforge SARL, a company incorporated under the laws of France.

Features of Listforge®

Complete search features

Find the best server for you using, our search engine with multi-criteria.

Multiple ways to browse servers

Browse servers by: score ranking, uptime, countries, versions, players...

Server status check

All servers are checked every 5 minutes, to guarantee you an up to date list.

Vote system

Vote every day for your favorite server.

Server statistics

Get detailled charts for your server: players connected, votes, rank and uptime.

Server notifications

Received notifications when your server goes offline.

Achievements and leaderboard

Get achievements and win the first place on our leaderboard.

Comment system

Leave comments on servers and discuss directly with their owners.

User profile

Customize your profile with several options: banner, links, contact options.

Favorite system

Build your own list with your favorites servers.

Group of servers

Do you run several servers for the same game? Create a group to show them all on a special page.

Dynamic status banners

Show your server status on your website/forum with our dynamic banners.

Premium option

Put your server on the first page and get lots of new players.

Blog and RSS

Each list has its own blog with game news, game updates and RSS feed.

Most popular indie games

Our lists are dedicated to the most popular sandbox and indie games.

High level of customization

Each list can be completely customized to fit at best to its game.

More About Listforge® Services

- Auction Services : Each month, we offer server owners the opportunity to promote their servers on the first page of our game-specific server lists through our Premium Option. Utilizing an auction-based system, server owners can competitively bid for premium placement, ensuring maximum visibility and attracting a larger player base to their gaming servers.

- Database Creation and Hosting : In order to provide our users with a seamless experience while browsing our server list, we take great care in creating, managing, and hosting our own databases. By maintaining control over these crucial components, we are able to fine-tune our systems to deliver optimal performance, faster load times, and real-time updates.

- Advertisements : We provide a range of targeted advertising opportunities for businesses in the gaming server industry, such as our partners PingPerfect and Tebex. By leveraging our extensive user base and game-specific server lists, we ensure maximum visibility and engagement for your brand within the gaming community, driving growth and fostering strong connections between server providers and gamers.

- Publication : We publish through our blog, news, and articles about video games: new version releases, opportunities, mods, and plugins, etc.

- Software Development : We pride ourselves on developing specialized software to enhance our server list features, including our robust API and innovative Ping Feature for latency measurement.

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